Character Profiles


Ghost types

As every CRYPT agent knows, the paranormal can take different forms. Hidden deep in the subterranean laboratories at CRYPT HQ there lie case files from every CRYPT investigation including photographs and video footage of every type of ghost the agents have encountered… so far. There may be many more kinds out there, waiting to be discovered. As the CRYPT motto says:


Expect the unexpected.

The most common ghost types found in the CRYPT case files are:



Translucent balls of light, usually seen hovering above the ground. When captured on camera, orbs often have a trail of light behind them, indicating the speed and direction of travel. Orbs are harmless, but, just like any ghost; they can be deeply disturbing if you’re not expecting them.



A smoke-like mist or cloud which is not usually seen by the human eye but can appear in photographs. CRYPT agents can see ectoplasm, just as they can see orbs.



A swirling trail of mist, often long and narrow or funnel-shaped. They appear in photographs even when invisible to the human eye (well, except the eyes of CRYPT agents). A vortex is an indication of where a cold-spot may be in a haunted location – temperature often drops dramatically when a ghost is present.


Shadow ghosts

Resembling clouds of ectoplasm but darker in colour and more closely resembling human form. They are often mistaken as shadows, but they appear when there is nothing to cast such a shadow.


Disembodied spirits

The ghost type that people fear most – an image of a real, deceased person – sometimes cloudy, sometimes solid, depending on the electrical frequency of the ionized plasma that it is made up of. Using their highly tuned extrasensory perception, CRYPT agents can see, hear and even communicate with disembodied spirits.

So how do ghosts enter this world?

(The secret science you’re not supposed to know).
The following is an excerpt from the CRYPT handbook on ghost-hunting.


Dark matter

Ghosts are physical representations of the disembodied spirits of dead people. The disembodied spirits themselves are made of ‘dark matter’ – that mysterious, invisible and as yet unexplained form that makes up 90% of the universe. So how are ghosts visible?


The universe is filled with atoms. Each atom contains a nucleus, protons and electrons. Atoms are everywhere. When an atom has more electrons than it should, it gains an electrical charge. An atom with an electrical charge is called an ion. Plasma is a collection of ions which have absorbed so much energy, the electrons within them have separated from their nuclei. It becomes an ionised gas and as such is one of the most common states of matter in the universe (used in Neon lighting for example).
If plasma is of a low enough density, it can pass through walls. It’s called non-collision plasma, The electrical frequency of ionised plasma affects the degree to which it is visible to the human eye. So the greater the electrical charge, the more opaque, or solid, the plasma looks. If the frequency is lowered, the plasma becomes translucent, or see-through.

When spirits enter our world they harness electromagnetic energy. This explains why there are always higher levels of electromagnetism in the air after a haunting. This energy attracts ionised plasma, like magnets attract iron filings. It’s an invisible force, like ordinary magnetism, but it can have a visible effect on particles. It can actually form shapes. And it can be measured using EMF meters, Electrostatic locators and Ionisation meters.

For years people have questioned where this electro-magnetic energy comes from. Now we know. CRYPT experiments have shown that when someone dies their physical body is buried, and their spirit lives on as dark matter. But the electrical energy which our bodies give off does not die. Energy never dies. It is not buried with the deceased’s body. Instead, it remains in the air, moving as an electromagnetic force. And it remains as a residue in the familiar objects and places that once surrounded the deceased person – as electrostatic energy.


When a disembodied spirit, or dark matter, seeks to return to our physical world, it draws on the energy which it left behind in life. The energy reserves were there all along. They never leave the Earth. They never died.

The electromagnetic energy which a disembodied spirit harnesses can actually fluctuate. If the spirit is in a state of rest, the electrical current is at a lower frequency and so the plasma which surrounds it is invisible – that’s why we don’t see the ghosts of dead people floating around us everywhere. Hence the phrase ‘may he rest in peace’.


But ghosts don’t always rest in peace. Some are troubled, angry or even revengeful. And when a disembodied spirit is charged with anger, it can harness even more electromagnetic energy. The plasma that surrounds it becomes more highly charged. And so it becomes more visible.


So we can see it.

Some ghosts can become as visible and as solid as any living human, by harnessing vast amounts of electromagnetic energy, particularly those who, for example, seek justice for some wrong committed against them in life. If the plasma surrounding a disembodied spirit is charged to an extremely high level, then in theory the spirit could even gain the strength of a human, or beyond.

Ghosts can enter this world, passing through walls in a calmer state, appearing almost translucent at times, but, when their spirit is disturbed or angered the electrical charge is raised enabling them to form a more solid shape. This can also occur when they connect with a source of residual energy, like the static electricity in objects around them. Hence the phrase, ‘so scared my hair stood on end’.